LifeJourney Pastoral Training

Something New, Something Refreshing
Innovative Pastoral Training for Progressive Evangelical Christians

If you have a passion for following Jesus and a call to pastoral ministry. . .

If you’re feeling constrained by the narrowness of traditional Evangelical Christianity or the lack of passion and focus in Liberal Christianity. . .

If you want to prepare to lead a church that is. . .

  • Christ centered,
  • Genuinely diverse,
  • Scripturally grounded,
  • Theologically open-minded,
  • Intensely missional, and
  • Focused on personal spiritual growth,

This program may be for you.

Our program is an intensive, hands-on two-year apprenticeship during which you will be immersed in the daily operations of LifeJourney Church, a thriving Progressive Evangelical congregation, and intensively mentored by experienced pastoral leaders. In two years, you will:

  • Learn a Progressive Evangelical model of ministry that can be applied and adapted to the congregations you lead; and
  • Gain a wealth of practical knowledge about the things they never taught you in school, like how to be a successful leader and manager of a spiritual organization.
  • Become eligible for ordination in the Metropolitan Community Churches.

In two years you will learn what otherwise would take you ten years to discover the hard way — by trial and error. Let us help you get a jump start on a lifetime of successful ministry!

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