Gay and Christian

Did you know there are stories in the Bible where Jesus and others encounter gay and trans people — and that these are positive, affirming stories? For example, Jesus once met a gay man and restored the man’s partner with a miracle of healing.

Want to know more? The resources below will help you see God, the Bible, and GLBT people with new eyes.

The Children Are Free: Reexamining the Biblical Evidence on Same-sex Relationships

“Can two people of the same sex live in committed, loving relationship with the blessing of God?” That’s the question The Children Are Free brings to Scripture. This bookisan examination of the biblical evidence regarding loving same-sex relationships and God’s attitude toward them. Short, clear, carefully researched, easy-to-read. More info here.

A website constructed by LifeJourney Church, with support from Faith In America and the Metropolitan Community Churches. Examines, in depth, every passage of scripture that touches on the subject of homosexuality. Includes MP3 sermons as well as text.



When Jesus Met a Gay Man, Rev. Jeff Miner, October 22, 2000.
An examination of Matthew 8:5-13. Just another healing miracle, right?
Not on your life! This passage, when understood, sheds amazing new light on what Jesus thought of gay people.
mp3 What Was the Sin of Sodom?, Rev. Jeff Miner, June 11, 2000.You will never see the Sodom story the same again after hearing this sermon. As GLBT people, the Sodom story should be one of our favorites. Listen to see why.
MP3 Confronting the Boogieman Rev. Jeff Miner, June 25, 2006.In this sermon we look at what, for some, is the great Boogieman of the Bible, so to speak — Romans chapter 1. Some people find it so intimidating, they just turn and run — don’t want to look at it; don’t want to think about it. As a result, they live in fear.So dare to listen. We’ll take this passage apart, study it, and understand it.
MP3 Families — As God Sees Them Rev. Jeff Miner, June 18, 2006.There are three great love stories recounted in the Bible. Did you know that none of the three conform to “traditional family values”? We’ll look at one of those love stories this week. This story has profound meaning for all families, but especially for those who don’t fit the “traditional” mold.

Homosexuality and the Bible
The following four sermons can change the way you think about homosexuality and the Bible. Rev. Miner explains how Bible passages used against GLBT people have been misapplied, highlights gay-positive Bible passages often ignored by the Church, and discusses what it means to be gay or lesbian and authentically Christian.

Part 1: Revisiting the Clobber Passages April 19, 1998. An overview of all the scriptures commonly used against gay and lesbian people.
Part 2: No Respecter of Persons April 26, 1998. Gay-affirming scripture that is often overlooked.
Part 3: Common Sense, Compassion, and the Teachings of Jesus May 3, 1998. Understanding scripture the way Jesus does.
Part 4: Lepers, Tax Collectors, and Gay People May 17, 1998. What does it mean to be a Gay Christian?

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