When Jesus Met Caesar

As Christians began to spread out across the Roman Empire in the first century, the message they shared proved very provocative.  The “powers-that-be” were furious.  Why?  What was so provocative about the early Christian message – and what can we learn from their example for our lives today?

Furnace Of Fire

You’ve probably heard about it – one of the most famous stories in the Bible – the story of three Israelites who get thrown into a fiery furnace.  Embedded in the story are powerful lessons for how we can best face the fiery trials of our lives.  Don’t sit home moping.  Get your faith on!


Psychologists tell us that the ability to feel empathy is one of the greatest signs of emotional health and wholeness.  The Bible tells us it is also one of the greatest signs of spiritual wellness.  This week we’ll ask what it looks like to live with empathy, using the ancient book of Leviticus as our […]

Finding Balance In Life

With all that’s going on around us – relentless demands, constant media bombardment – it can be hard to maintain a healthy balance in life.  This Sunday, as we continue our study of the book of Leviticus, we’ll look at three powerful, practical ancient principles that can help us find better balance in life.

Break Every Chain!

There are a ton of commandments in the Bible. Some we keep; others we don’t. No living Christian believes every rule in the Bible is binding. Have you ever wondered why? How do we pick and choose? This week we’ll look at some of the commandments in the book of Leviticus (including the infamous passage […]

Restricted Access

In Old Testament times, people often feared to enter the presence of God. Many of us still feel trapped in that way of thinking.  Drawing close to God seems presumptuous–maybe even scary. So how does God really feel about us? How close should we dare to draw to God? This week we’ll challenge ourselves to […]

Riding The Waves With God

There’s nothing better than belonging – being part of vibrant community of people who love and welcome us, where “everybody’s glad you came,” and where we can do great things together!  This Sunday we’ll celebrate the 24th Anniversary of the congregation that is LifeJourney Church – remembering the past and exploring what the future holds!

Not Good Enough

Have you ever been told you’re not good enough?  Have you ever been excluded from the “in crowd” cause you don’t measure up?  Have you ever been tempted to do that to others?  This Sunday we’ll explore what both Moses and Jesus had to say about “

The Ick Of Guilt

To live is to mess up. To mess up is to feel guilt. In fact, sometimes we mess up so bad, guilt gets all over us like sweat on a humid day. Then what? How should a thoughtful person deal with guilt? That’s what we’re going to talk about this Sunday, as we continue our […]

Hello, Leviticus!

The Old Testament book of Leviticus is like the proverbial crazy uncle that gets hidden away in the basement. The book is so old and seems so primitive, its mostly ignored. Yet there it is in the Bible, taunting us, sometimes scaring us. What should we make of it? This week we launch a new […]

Keep It Simple, Stupid!

What does God want from you and me? Why are we here? What should we be doing with our lives? This week we’ll conclude our “Journeying With Jesus” series by looking at two critical parting instructions Jesus gave us at the end of his earthly ministry. If you wanna simplify your life and refocus on […]

The Most Important Thing We Never Talk About

There is a major experience in life that every one of us eventually faces, but nobody ever talks about, especially in church. It’s taboo. But this Sunday we’re gonna talk about it – and let Jesus be our guide for how to approach it.

Pushed To The Limit

Life is constantly testing us in ways large and small.  When the going gets really tough, how well do you do?  This week we’re going to study the trial of Jesus and learn from him several powerful ways to respond when life pushes us to the limits.