Deepening Our Understanding

Building on what we started last week, we want to continue the discussion about racial inequality in our world. Come and join us as we hear stories of those who have experienced bias and what they are asking all of us as a faith family to do about it…for this generation and the next.

The Invisible Knapsack

LifeJourney Church is called to be an advocate for social justice in this world. But what does social justice in 21st century America look like? We’ll take a unique, participatory approach to highlight some possible first steps.

When Jesus Met Caesar

As Christians began to spread out across the Roman Empire in the first century, the message they shared proved very provocative.  The “powers-that-be” were furious.  Why?  What was so provocative about the early Christian message – and what can we learn from their example for our lives today?

Furnace Of Fire

You’ve probably heard about it – one of the most famous stories in the Bible – the story of three Israelites who get thrown into a fiery furnace.  Embedded in the story are powerful lessons for how we can best face the fiery trials of our lives.  Don’t sit home moping.  Get your faith on!

Becoming Your Best You

Each one of us has the capacity to become something uniquely beautiful.  So how’s it going?  Do you feel you’re living into your potential?  This Sunday we’re going to look at a passage of Scripture that offers profound insight about how each of us can become the most beautiful version of ourselves. 

Throwing Stones

When we have been wronged, it can consume us until it spirals out of control. What was once a small incident, can become bigger than a mountain. This Sunday, we’ll look at how Jesus suggests we deal with this so that we can have more peace in our lives. 

Not Good Enough

Have you ever been told you’re not good enough?  Have you ever been excluded from the “in crowd” cause you don’t measure up?  Have you ever been tempted to do that to others?  This Sunday we’ll explore what both Moses and Jesus had to say about “

Are We There Yet?

Spiritual life is an ongoing process that has the potential to grow us into someone more incredible than we ever thought possible.  This Sunday, we’ll explore a scripture passage where Jesus teaches us something really important about how we can cooperate with God in unleashing our inner spiritual potential.

What is the Word of God?

It’s common for us to throw that phrase around, but what does it really mean? Just what is the Bible and what is it not? Join us this Sunday as we explore the story behind the Bible and examine what just might be the ultimate Word of God.  It might not be what we expect!

Religion As A Weapon

We see it all the time – people who use religion as a weapon against others.  Is that really what God intended?  This week we’ll study a story from the life of Elisha that raises this question in stark terms.  In the process, we’ll have the opportunity to consider what kind of spirit dwells within […]

When Push Comes To Shove

Spiritual living isn’t as complicated as we sometimes make it out to be.  This Sunday we’ll look at a Bible story that reminds us of the essence of authentic spiritual living, as we continue our sermon series on the life and times of Elijah and Elisha.

When God Whispers

We often want God to speak to us in spectacular ways.  After all, if God is great, shouldn’t we expect God to speak in grandiose ways?  This week we’ll study a passage of Scripture that challenges our assumptions, suggesting a whole new counter-intuitive way of listening to God.  If you want to hear God’s voice […]

Give Me Peace!

Most of us want a little more peace in our lives. We allow the world around us to impact us in ways that invite turmoil into our lives while the peace of God can seem further and further away. This Sunday we’ll look at some key biblical insights that can help us have more of God’s peace […]