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“Be still and know that I am God.”

Psalm 46:10.

Why Do I Need A Daily Meditation?

Life is crazy. It can quickly scramble your brain and you soul. People of faith throughout the ages have used spiritual meditation as a way of renewing their peace, power, and perspective on a daily basis. LifeJourney Church strongly encourages you to get into a daily meditative rhythm.

How to Use This Devotional Resource:

This devotional resource offers you access to a whole variety of wonderful spiritual teachers sharing a broad range of perspectives on Jesus, God, and the Scriptures. Each day we share a link to a powerful, encouraging, thought-provoking daily devotional written by a respected thought leader. Occasionally you’ll get to read something written by someone in the LifeJourney Church congregation. When you read a published author you really like, you can always subscribe to receive their devotional each day. But we would encourage you to consider sticking with the intentional variety we offer you here, so you can experience the freshness and the challenge that comes from different perspectives. To be part of the conversation, join our FaceBook group.

Some of what we share on this page comes from authors with a liberal theological perspective, others with a conservative perspective, and everything in between. Just because we share something here doesn’t mean we officially endorse it as a church. We can all benefit from hearing a variety of perspectives, even those we disagree with, while allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us as individuals.