About Be Still and Know

One of the keys to spiritual growth is taking the time to communicate with God. LifeJourney Church Daily Meditations: Be Still and Know is a devotional resource to help create that space.

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Each day, we’ll offer a selected Scripture (usually revolving around a weekly theme), and some thoughts on the reading. Take some time to let the Scripture sink in, and ask God to reveal something to you — something new or a new look at something old, something comforting or provoking, something that will stretch and grow your spirit.

We’ll also offer a suggested item to include in prayer. This may be personal, church, or world-wide in scope. It may be a crisis where we ask God to work and seek God’s will, or it may be a cause for thanksgiving and praise. We hope that you’ll join all the others who make use of Be Still… so that there will be a mighty chorus of prayers lifted to God.

Assistance is available…

If you’re unsure how to pray, check out How to Pray. It’s not hard, and like anything, becomes easier and more natural with practice.

Thank you for using LifeJourney Church Daily Meditations: Be Still and Know… If you have comments, please email us.