Woe Is Me!

Today’s scripture: Mark 10:32-34 (ESV-text and audio) (KJV) (The Message)

As you read, consider: What might God be saying to me? Summarize your thoughts in a sentence or two.

My thoughts (Melody Merida):

It seems as though almost every time I’m given a Be Still assignment the Holy Spirit uses the writing to convict me of something I’m engaged with at that moment

For example, today I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself. I have a headache, I’m exhausted, I’m just not feeling well. An hour or so ago I sent an email to a friend expressing how lousy a day this is and how I just want to curl up in bed and pretend as though today didn’t happen. Then I begrudgingly opened my Bible to read and meditate on my assignment.

As I read about Jesus telling his disciples exactly what is going to happen to him in Jerusalem, the grumblings about my day were deflated. These things Jesus mentioned aren’t just “woe-is-me-I’m-having-a-bad-day” type of stuff. This is serious! Jesus is so detailed about the horrific events to come in Jerusalem that it almost reads like a modern day agenda:

  • 8:30 a.m. — Arrive in Jerusalem.
  • 10:15 a.m. — Betrayal to the chief priests
  • 10:42 a.m. — Condemned to death
  • 10:44 a.m. — Handed over to the Gentiles
  • 10:55 a.m. — Mocking begins
  • 10:58 a.m. — Spitting ensues, followed by flogging
  • 12:14 p.m. — Crucifixion
  • Three days later — Rise from the dead!

I’m sure that Jesus felt grief over the items on the agenda, but we wouldn’t know it by reading this text. He seems matter of fact about it all. This readiness to accept the suffering he will endure has caused me to really stop and think.

Would I be prepared to handle such suffering with grace? If today is any indicator, my answer is probably a resounding “No!”

This passage reminds me that Jesus suffered and was crucified but maintained his dignity through it all. If I am to be a follower of Jesus, I must be prepared to do the same. That means no more whining; instead, I need to accept what comes into my life with the same grace that Jesus displayed for us.

Thought for the day: How do I respond to the challenges of life? Am I gracious the way Jesus was or do I allow those challenges to defeat me?

We encourage you to include a time of prayer with this reading. If you need a place to get started, consider the guidelines on the How to Pray page.