“You Are Good!”

Today’s scripture: Psalm 106 (NRSV) (The Message) (KJV) What might God be saying to me?

My thoughts (Robert Ferguson):

I remember waking up one morning with a song stuck in my head. We have sung it at my church before, and I have to admit it is one of my favorites! The song is “You Are Good” by Israel and New Breed!

As I was reading today’s verse, that song kept getting stuck in my head! Lord, you are good and your mercy endures forever. Psalm 106 at first glance seems to be a long laundry list of all the things the people of Israel did wrong! They rejected the Lord and refused to obey God’s instruction. The psalmist gives us a good picture of how God deals with the people. God is indeed patient and merciful, but that patience is not indulgent. There comes a limit at which point sin is punished and consequences take hold. But here is the good news! If we, God’s people, will repent, God’s punishment will meet its limit, and we can be restored, and the blessings will flow! God desires more than anything to have relationship with us. Not a relationship based on rules and regulations in which we are trying to appease, but a true authentic relationship built on love and a desire to serve!

Sometimes it’s good for us, as God’s people, to note just how good God has been. As you look over your own personal life, do you see evidence of God’s grace and God’s goodness? I do. Can you imagine where you might be if God just stopped watching over you and forgiving your transgressions? Left to my own devices, I shudder to think of where I might be today. In our spiritual lives, just as with all things in life, there are always ups and downs, ebbs and flows, good days and bad days. There are days when the blessings come from everywhere, and then there are days when you wonder if God even hears your prayers at all.

As I read today’s verse, I am encouraged!! No matter what you’ve done or no matter what place in life you find yourself in, God is faithful to those who turn back and cry out, “Praise the Lord, for he is good at all times, and [the Lord’s] love endures forever!”

Thought for the day: Today may be dark but joy does come in the morning!! Trust God!! Amen.

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