A Letter to Josh – Crosswalk the Devotional – July 18

Giving advice is not always a good thing. Actually, probably rarely is it a good thing. Telling someone something based on our past or experience is usually not helpful. Additionally, the person giving the advice owns it, and the person receiving it does not. So when we think to ourselves, "I love giving advice", or "I give such good advice," we may need to rethink that.

Guiding someone, asking open ended questions, and allowing the other to own their reflection and decisions helps them to reflect on their experience and how they can find a solution or path. They have to do the work. There is no short cut. Even though there are times when one might think, "Someone tell me what to do." It is more important that we each do the work and allow God to help us find our way.

And then this is this letter to Josh. It is advice, but maybe a little different than advice we have given or received.

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A Letter to Josh – Crosswalk the Devotional – July 18

A Letter to Josh by John UpChurch Dear Josh, Giving advice always seems such a dangerous task, balanced between two equally foreboding chasms: impersonal aphorisms that do little to instruct on the one hand and, on the other, a f…

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