The Unifying Love of God – Henri Nouwen Society

Col 3:14 Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which ties everything together in unity.

When we connect with another at a deep level, there is a sense connection. When two or three are gathered, Jesus tells us he is present. But there is something deeper here.

When we lose somebody we love that we are deeply connected with, it can be devastating to us. But over time, as we grieve and continue living, we may come to the realization that we are a better person and have grown so much because of that connection. In our grief, we may forget that God was at the center, and that is how we can grow and continue.

Even among friends and small groups we can connect in ways that helps our spiritual growth.

God's love is the reason all of these connections impact us on our journey. Please see today's selected devotional at the link below:

The Unifying Love of God – Henri Nouwen Society

When your deepest self is connected with the deepest self of another, that person’s absence may be painful, but it will lead…read…read more

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