Who Are You? By Pastor Jason Who are you? Depending on how someone asks that…

Who Are You?
By Pastor Jason

Who are you?

Depending on how someone asks that question may warrant various responses. Assuming it's a genuinely thoughtful question, you might respond with the name given to you at birth (or the name you chose later on); but that's just a word label to describe the soul-mind-body configuration in which you live.

Do you ever stop to ask yourself that question on an introspective level? "[Insert Your Name], who are you?"

YOU are a spirit-being with an eternal nature, expressing Itself in temporary form. Our physical experiences, with all of their delicious wonders, pleasures and sorrows, are all transient. Knowing this, it's important for us to learn how to engage the eternal aspect of who we are, while we travel these temporary earthly experiences.

The scriptures declare: "We are the offspring of God!" (Acts 17:28-29) God is eternal spirit and is infinitely creative, therefore there is some aspect of our spiritual selves that is the same.

You're not a mistake. You're not an accident. You have a royal heritage! You have a divine lineage! How's THAT for a self-image re-adjustment!

Don't beat yourself up when you mess up or live beneath what God has promised. Show yourself some grace, and be determined to grow in spirit into the fullness of who God says you are!

God does not dwell in hand-made shrines (Acts 17:24). Instead, YOU are the temple of the Spirit of God! (See 1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:19) Yes, the human spirit is intended to be a temple where the holy, hovering Presence and Power of Love lives and dwells!! God is love (1 John 4:8)!

Many of us have various concepts of God. But, it's important to know, through the finished work of Christ, the temples of our souls which God indwells are not temples for judgment, condemnation, criticism, domination and tyranny; instead, they're temples for love, reconciliation, peace, social wholeness, righteousness, and right-standing with God.

Jesus showed us that it's not what goes into a person that makes them unclean, but instead the dark forces that come out of the heart, these are what make a person unclean. (See Matthew 15:10-20).

Let us seek to embody more love, and cleanse our temples of bitterness, hate, jealousy, envy and fear. Instead, let's invite forgiveness, mercy, justice, and love. Only in this way can we grow to progressively awaken to who we truly are: resplendent, beautiful God-filled beings intended to express Love Divine on earth!

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