Today’s scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 (NRSV) (The Message) (KJV) What might God be saying to me?

My thoughts (Lynnette Pullen-Bradford):

I was running into a lot of adversity in early 2015. At first I thought it was just a rough patch in life, but then I noticed that it wasn’t just me. I turn on the news and saw the most horrific stories from international terrorists to mothers killing their babies. I drive down the street and watch people cut each other off and give obscene gestures while they do it. I go to work and my co-workers, whom I have had the sincere pleasure of working with for years, are bitter, angry, and turning on each other. One day I walked in on some of my elderly patients who were arguing with each other over a Scrabble game. They were hurling insults like missiles; and while I admit it was a little funny to watch at first, ultimately it was sad and depressing. I kept thinking, “What’s wrong with us?” I listened to the radio on the way home and I hear discussions about legislation proposed in our state that would basically legalize hate. It’s designed to give businesses the right to refuse to serve anyone they don’t like, approve of, or agree with, under the auspices of religious freedom. Remember that a few years ago? And now look at today, as we target yet more groups of people.

I can’t imagine Jesus saying, “Don’t ever help, provide care for, or serve anyone who doesn’t believe the same thing you do. It is best to make a law preventing such acts.” I sat on my couch and curled up with a blanket, sort of saddened by everything, and this song popped in my head. Please listen and consider this: We cannot sit idly by and allow hate to consume and darken our lives. It is not just our responsibility, but our assignment, our privilege to spread as much love as possible.

Thought for the day:  Let’s be the first to be the change we want and need to see in our world.

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