Friday’s Advent Prayer Devotional

Today’s scripture: Luke 4:16-21 (NRSV) (The Message) (KJV) What might God be saying to me?

First Week of Advent Devotionals

This week will be a little different. As we move through the first week of Advent, a time of expectation and preparation for the coming of Christ (Emmanuel: God with us), use this as a time of prayer and reflection. Each day will have an opening prayer, a time for a scripture reading, and a devotional prayer. Take your time, and use silence, music, or movement to compliment the sacredness of this time of preparation.

Opening Prayer:

God, who sent us Christ into the world, to free us from its ancient enslavement, and from those things that can still enslave us today, free me from what enslaves me. As I wait in preparation for Christ, show the grace of your compassion and help me to attain the prize of true freedom. Help me to seek what it is I need to be free from; those things that enslave me, those things that hold me back. Give me the prize of your true freedom through Jesus Christ who lives and reigns in the unity of the Holy Spirit and one God. Amen.

Read today’s scripture passage — (link above).

Devotional Prayer:

Blessed are all who wait for coming of Christ. The promise is so great. In the midst of my day today, can I let myself imagine salvation 
touching and transforming me in ways that help me to live more freely in the way of Christ? Can I patiently wait for God’s work to take effect in me –
 allowing it to open my heart? (Silence)

You promised to plant the seed of justice among your people. Teach me to listen to your word, and help others to persevere in your grace, mercy, and justice.

 Keep me in the love of your Spirit,
 that I may receive the mercy of Christ who is to come. Strengthen me, in my waiting, in my preparation, and in my expectation. 

Until the day of the coming of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day, the light of the world, Emmanuel, I pray that I keep myself in preparation and expectation, and the hope and joy that this can bring in my life. In Jesus name, amen.

We encourage you to include a time of prayer with this reading. If you need a place to get started, consider the suggestions on the How to Pray page.