Lessons Learned in Building a “Divine” Family of Friends

Today’s scripture: Psalm 133 (NRSV) (The Message) (KJV) What might God be saying to me?

My thoughts (Ernest Disney-Britton):

Did you watch A.D. The Bible Continues on NBC at Easter time a few years back?  I did, but I didn’t watch it for the Bible drama. I watched instead to see how the actors demonstrated the power of friendship. The role of Simon Peter was an optimistic extrovert whose smile was full of warmth. John was steady yet daring. Simon was protective and even passive aggressive in his efforts to protect his brothers. Barnabas was an attentive listener whose only goal was to heal pain. The apostles were a “divine” Brotherhood carefully recruited by Jesus, and everyone who engaged them knew them not only as his followers, but also as a Brotherhood . . . a “divine” family. There is an old saying in the gay community, “That love makes a family;” and while marriages and blood relations are important, God has a unique blessing for friendships. We don’t choose our blood relations. We don’t choose the person we fall in love with, but we do choose our friends. In Psalm 133, David sings about how beautiful it is when we get along. He compares it to the “costly anointing oil” and “priestly robes” and dew on the “slopes of Zion.” He is describing friendships like those of the apostles. I remember as I watched A.D. The Bible Continues, I thought that I was seeing the example Jesus gave us for developing friendships . . . friendships that bring us closer to God.

Thought for the day: What role do each of your friends play in bringing each other closer to God?

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