An Instinct of Generosity

Today’s scripture: Acts 4:32-37 (NRSV) (The Message) (KJV) What might God be saying to me?

My thoughts (Sue Robinson):

What would it have been like to be among those first Christians? They lived communally and everything they had was shared equally. Verses 34 and 35 say “nor was there anyone among them who lacked” and “they distributed to each as anyone had need.” How idyllic.

If you are a Christian, do you remember when you were first filled with the love of Christ? I remember well. I was 12 years old and we had just had a week long missions conference at my church. The zeal of those who attended had everyone fired up. I wanted to give all of my $3.00 a week allowance to the poor and never look back. If you are of the Catholic faith, did you want to become a nun or a priest? Did you want to head immediately to the Congo or some foreign land to live forever in service to the “heathen”, as my childhood church called them? How many of us ultimately did these things? Even though we were motivated at the time, I’m sure most of us did not.

When you are a follower of Christ, it is instinctive to want to give. Whether it is giving of time, money, talents, or anything else, the love that we feel from Jesus makes us want to share with others. I’m sure that is the attitude of the early church. They pooled all of their resources so that each one had enough. Some gave a little, some gave all, and some couldn’t give anything but were welcomed as well.

Most of us cannot live in this kind of community today. But there are those in need right around the corner. It might be the single mother who is struggling to buy school supplies for her children. Or the survivors of a major disaster that has left them with nothing. Or a family dealing with unemployment, wondering how their children will have any kind of Christmas this year.

Jesus calls us to share the gifts he has so freely given.

Thought for the day: Lord, help me to see where my gifts can help others. Let me be alert to the opportunities to share and bless with the resources you have given me. Amen

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