Grounding Ourselves, When The Ground Is Shaking By Pastor Jeff COVID-19, Georg…

Grounding Ourselves, When The Ground Is Shaking

By Pastor Jeff

COVID-19, George Floyd, job layoffs, economic fallout, election fatigue, election intrigue, President diagnosed with COVID, Breonna Taylor, protests, forest fires throughout the western U.S. Does it feel like our world is spinning out of control?
Add to that all our personal stressors. COVID fatigue, why isn’t that person wearing a mask, will I still have a job in 3 months, what if my parents get sick, what if I get sick, I can’t stand to be at home any longer, I’m worried about going out, I can’t bear to hear any more political news, I can’t bear to hear of someone else being shot. When will I wake up from this nightmare?

In times like these, how do we keep ourselves from freaking out? How does a person of faith equip themselves for what we’re facing? Here are a few reminders.

When we encounter one catastrophe after another, we begin to experience a certain negative psychological momentum that expects even more bad to happen. That, in turn, leads to a high level of free floating anxiety, like when you’re in the doctor’s office waiting for a nurse to stick you with the needle. If you find yourself in that that mode right now, recognize it and fight back by taking the next steps.

Colossians 3:16 says, “With gratitude in your heart, sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God.” You may say, “But I don’t feel like it.” But that’s the whole point. When we sing songs to God, it changes our entire interior atmosphere. It renews us and allows us to reset our personal outlook. Play or sing a few of your favorite worship songs and let their positive power wash over your soul.

Romans 4:17 reminds us that God regularly “calls into existence the things that do not exist.” The same passage reminds us how Abraham believed God would give him a son, because God had said so, even when the promise seemed impossible. Abraham kept saying to himself, “I will have a son someday,” even when that seemed too good to be true.
Ok, so everything is haywire in life right now; let’s call something new into existence through the power of our words and faith. Why not say to yourself, “It’s going to be ok. This troubled time will pass. I can do this. I’m expecting things to get better.”

Jesus warns us that we will experience times when “the rain falls, the flood comes, and the winds blow and beat on our house.” Matthew 7:25.

We all have seasons in life like that. Jesus also reminds us that if, during the storm, we stay grounded in faith, our house will stand. If we keep faith, we will get through this!

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