The Permanence of the Lord

Today’s scripture: Psalm 48 (NRSV) (The Message) (KJV) What might God be saying to me?

My thoughts (Sue Robinson):

Reading through this Psalm, I am struck by the praise and thankfulness of the people. The psalmist is proclaiming that the city of Jerusalem is invincible and favored by God. How blessed are they that God will always keep it safe from harm and a refuge for them always!

But that was not always the case. Many times the city was attacked and destroyed. Even to this day there is watchfulness regarding those who would seek to destroy it. Was God wrong? Or worse yet, did God mislead?

We give thanks for the fact that God is keeping us and our families, homes, city, and country safe. But when something tragic happens, did GOD abandon us? Did God turn away and just allow bad things to happen?

The ancients were right to praise God for God’s protection and love. And even when tragedy befell them, they continued to know God was loving and caring for them in spite of troubles. Sometimes they took a detour or two of grumbling and unbelief, but they knew in their hearts that God was still watching over them. Just as God does today!

We live in a fallen, messed up world. Bad things happen. Trouble comes. But God promised us to always be there and God’s care is never changing! Verse 14 says, “For this is God. Our God is forever and ever. God will be our guide even unto death.” That is a promise that is praise-worthy!

Prayer for the day: Dear Lord, thank You that You have Your loving hands directly on our lives. I praise You for the good in my life and help me also praise You when trouble comes. Amen!

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