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By Pastor Jeff

Maria Stenvinkel is a corporate consultant who lives in Sweden. She recently wrote an article for Linkedin entitled “What’s Your Greatest Fear in Life?” (Linkedin.com, Dec. 19, 2016). The article is based on interviews with 65 people around the world.

Some of the fears people expressed didn’t surprise her. For example, fear of dying alone or fear of losing my job. What did surprise Maria were how many people said their greatest fear was living a life without meaning. More than 20% expressed this fear. Here is some of what they said:

“My biggest fear is never taking a risk in an effort to find my true calling.” – Anthony, New York City.

“My greatest fear is to go through life living small but not realizing it until it’s too late.” – Rebekka, Stuttgart, Germany.

“My greatest fear would be missing out on my purpose here on earth. . . . I know I have a purpose that I am not yet serving.” – Danielle, Sacramento.

“To go through life without leaving a positive mark.” – Luciana, Sintra, Portugal.

“My greatest fear is regretting all that I didn’t do, as I lay in my hospital bed as an elderly man.” – Ralph, North Brunswick.

An angel appeared to Mary and told her she was going to bear a miracle child before she even married. “He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High, and the Lord God will give to him the throne of his ancestor David.” Luke 1:32. I’m sure Mary must have hesitated. This was not the plan. But what an incredible opportunity to find meaning in life.
“The angel said to her, ‘Do not be afraid. . . .’” Luke 1:30.

She overcame her fear, and the rest is history. She lived one of the most meaningful lives one can imagine. How about you? Is fear holding you back from doing something you know you’re supposed to do?

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