Spiritual Choices – Henri Nouwen Society

As we put together our Rule of Life for 2019, we have choices to make. What spiritual practices are you incorporating, or ready to try, as you deepen your relationship with God? How will you incorporate quiet time, or more quiet time, into your schedule?

And what is it that you need to do, or work on, or overcome, that God is nudging you to do? How will this help you spiritually? The choices we make are important. Give time for prayer and discernment in your decision. Where is God nudging you? "For the Lord gives wisdom: from God's mouth comes knowledge and understanding." (Proverbs 2:6).

Read Henri Nouwen Society Devotional on Spiritual Choices at the link below.


Spiritual Choices – Henri Nouwen Society

Choices. Choices make the difference. Two people are in the same accident and severely wounded. They did not choose to be in…read…read more

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