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As we look deeper into our Rule of Life, or our Soul Care Plan for 2019, it causes us to look deep within ourselves. When I consider my own spiritual life, I need to be vulnerable to God and myself in order to make an honest assessment. When I consider what God might want for me right now, I need to go past the noise of what I want, and listen to what God wants for me. Sure, they can be the same! But we need to allow ourselves to get to a place of vulnerability to help us identify and discern. Being vulnerable to ourselves and God is not an easy thing.

Jesus lived a very vulnerable life and was not immune to or protected from the challenges that the people of his time confronted every day, especially those persons at the bottom. Jesus talked to the Samaritan woman in John 4, where no other Hebrew Male probably would. It was afternoon and you could imagine it was hot with the sun beating down. Jesus was vulnerable. “May I have a drink.” Jesus was willing to touch and talk to lepers, the blind and the lame. No other would do that. Jesus would talk to, sit with, and eat with sinners, something for which others criticized Jesus, including his own disciples. Sharing a meal was a sacred venue, only reserved for the Holy. Jesus showed a different way. Vulnerability is a powerful dimension of our lives, and helps us to grow.

Richard Rohr explains that being vulnerable allows us to expand, change and grow. Read his devotional at the link below.

Vulnerability — Center for Action and Contemplation

Trinity: Week 3 Vulnerability Tuesday, September 27, 2016 Did you ever imagine that what we call “vulnerability” might just be the key to ongoing growth? In my experience, healthily vulnerable people use every occasion to expand, change, and grow. Yet it is a risky position to live undefended, i…