The Stuff of God

We have a basement full of stuff. A lot of it is Christmas Stuff I need to get rid of because I have downsized what we put out every year. Some of the stuff is related to the Christmas Open house we have every year, like the chafing dishes, roasters, plates and dishes for displaying all the food. And lots of other stuff too. Ugh!

Every now and then I will take some time to purge stuff from down in the basement, but it never seems to make a dent in it. I have given a lot of it away to various groups and organizations so it all gets used. I think as part of my Rule of Life for 2019, I will incorporate some decluttering so I can make more progress. That is a way to a new year started.

How much stuff do you have? Ever wonder what God thinks of all of our stuff? Read today's devotional from the United Church of Christ about stuff.

The Stuff of God

Some stuff is not exactly stuff, but something more. For instance: The "Best Chicken Feeder Award" given to our son at his preschool, which was a working farm. How could we possibly get rid of that?

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